Coastal Cleaning & Cycling

Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. You will breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, which will improve your overall fitness level. its a good start your Sunday morning right? Plus helping to clean our mother nature.

Our company yearly conduct this activity to promote cleanliness, volunteerism and healthy life.

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Good Friday


While everyone is busy on their Lenten Season vacation, here i am wondering alone a minute away from noisy and busy city of Singapore.

Situated approximately 6.5 kilometres (about 4 miles) from the shores of Singapore lay the cluster of islands of which the most-visited ones are the St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Kusu Island, easily accessible by boat from the Marina South Pier. The Singapore Island Cruise (the only operator providing access to the Southern Islands) runs daily boat trips to St. John’s Island and Kusu Island, departing twice a day from Marina South Pier on weekdays and 4–5 times a day on weekends.

It was a lovely Friday morning  for a great day of fun on the Southern Islands! After purchasing the tickets, I had some time before the boat set off and decided to explore the pier a little. It was a relatively peaceful pier with a few convenience stores and a small eatery. The shops offer quite the eclectic selection of goods — hats, swimming costumes, bread, biscuits, and snacks, they sell them all! As there are no food stalls on the islands, do remember to pack some food from home or purchase them from the pier. You can even ‘dabao’ (takeaway) a meal from the eatery, but make sure you don’t leave your food waste lying around on the islands (or anywhere else, in fact)!


My heart is shattered, broken and tired
Of all the hopes, promises and lies
Felt like stabbed a million times,
Grasping it’s breathe in phases and rhymes.

I was in the same condition not so long ago Wrecked, slit and tattered for more than two Deserted, plodded and trodden into the floor, Ruthlessly hoisted but banged into the door.

Did I just entrust you this heart of mine?
Did I even think it’s all worthwhile?
Did I really expect too much tranquil?
Or did you only try to make me feel?

I surmised your existence is a relief
But why was suddenly changed into grief?
At first I supposed my heart, you will uplift But then how come it’s again at risk?

Would you mind to look back at my heart?
Can’t you see the beat doesn’t even start?
Will you still give a try to caress?
Or place in your palm to take a rest?

Oh my heart is really bleeding to death
And I can’t help but cry, when you left.
If I scream at you, does it even matter?
Or you’ll move away for another heart to ponder?

How rude are people can be?
They tend to hurt and just flee.
They make you reckon with what they say.
But in reality they wanted to play.

Give me back my heart, will try mend
Attempting to save before it reaches the end Oh my heart, I know you’ll survive I’ll do everything for you to be revived.

By: Joan Faye V. Domingo
27/04/2017 ; 3:04AM

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